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Enterceptor deals with the deep analysis of customer experience about your brand, product or services from multiple sources like Emails, CRM, Social Media etc. It avails you to understand the likelihood of customer acquisition and retention by taking into consideration the factors like Recency and Influence, uncovering and translating unstructured data into tangible insights like customer sentiment, Intent and Opinion.

Make Sentiment Analysis the Core of Your Customer Experience Strategy

Knowing what your customers think and feel about you (customer experience) can be a huge advantage in today's competitive world. By analyzing their experiences accurately, and by explicitly finding the things they are unhappy about, you can focus on what will make a difference and help you get ahead of competition. Customer experience directly shapes the reputation of a brand and impacts business. It’s more important to know how people are talking about you over how much they are talking about you.

Surveys! Ahhh.. Not so Good

Conventionally, companies conduct surveys and social listening to obtain a more relevant understanding of their customer’s perception about their brand. But, these are not the be-all and end-all solutions to measure success because of two main reasons

  • Not all customers answer honestly in surveys.
  • The information gathered during social listening is selective, situation-specific, reactive, and time-constrained

Moreover, surveys tend to irritate customers leading to customer burnout (in many cases), no matter how good customer experience they had with your business. Hence, lost rapport, and lost happy customer!

Enterceptor – A technology with a heart

Enterceptor is an innovative, cutting-edge technology solution that helps propel positive customer experience.
It follows an approach which lets you understand the pulse of the customer, their emotions, feedback, and expectations as a continuous process. It monitors a customer’s journey across all touchpoints and uses natural language processing, complex mathematical and statistical models to carry out sentiment analysis, intent analysis, subjectivity, and opinion mining to provide a holistic view of the customer experience.

It seamlessly integrates and works in conjunction with the project management tools, HR systems to automatically understand complex corporate and project based hierarchy, identify influencers and their impact on customer satisfaction. Not only has that it also considered the recency of the communication.

Machine learning algorithm continuously assesses and learns from data to access hidden insights from multiple data sources. You have heard it all? Now see it work.

Enterceptor Features

A technology with a heart

Sentiment Analysis

Enterceptor bridges the gap to customer experience by identifying the tone, feelings and inclination of your customers towards your brand by using sentiment analysis.

Intent Analysis

Intent analysis descends a level deeper and identifies the bent of the original message.

Keyword Extraction

Equipped with rational rules, Enterceptor helps you in discovering the substance of the original text through keyword extraction.


Recency is all about timing. Enterceptor courts the most recent emails, tweets, or messages with weighted scoring based on the sentiments.

Influence Amplification

Enterceptor scores the feedbacks and responses of your customers based on their importance to the business. This feature helps in amplifying the value of feedback for the person who carries more influence.


It’s a leap towards automation as Enterceptor automatically classifies the natural language text into predefined sets.

Opinion Mining

With opinion mining Enterceptor reflects a broader reality of the sentiment. It helps you to examine the ‘why’ and ‘what’ behind the sentiment.

Explicit Content Detection

Enterceptor keeps your outbound content free from explicit and inappropriate inclusions. It detects abusive, adult, slang, and harsh vocabs.


Enterceptor leverages unambiguous insights of your customers’ perceptions about your products/services and your company as a whole. It puts forth competitive advantages, that can directly lead to increase in profitability and growth.

  • Track customer sentiments and emotions in real-time
  • Gauge customer expectations and needs
  • Rich analytics and intuitive reporting
  • Automated provision for offensive content detection
  • Team-wise performance and productivity measurement
  • Identify potential crisis and draw effective decisions
  • Ability to categorize customer feedbacks for action
  • Valuable insights help in formulation of effective business strategies
  • Reduced customer churn and amplified repeated business
  • Measure brand recognition
  • Build strong customer relationships
  • Monitor team performance and productivity
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Seamless integration with other project management, CRM and ITSM tools

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